Shahin Fayaz's passion for music began at an early age.  Shahin studied under Ostad Hemmati, Ostad Hossein Alizadeh, and Masoud Shoari among others. Upon Graduating from Tehran Conservatory of Music (Honarest-an Tehran), he got involved with several projects.   He was a member of Aftab and Mahtab Ensembles. He was also the manager of Sol Music Academy in Tehran, where he taught Tar and Setar. In 2005, Shahin moved to Montreal, Canada and played in the Festival "Le Monde Arab" which was featured on the CBC.   In 2007, Shahin continued his career and moved to Toronto where he began to work as a music instructor at Shawrak Music Academy.  He is a founding member of Sarv Music Ensemble and is also a member of Shiraz Ensemble.  Both Ensembles have had many successful performances. Shahin continues his efforts and hopes to be able to contribute to the appreciation by all of the art of Persian Classical music in North America.  Shahin also currently holds private in studio Tar and Setar lessons.